Texas Cooler Stereos started from a desire to create a better solution to the flimsy portable radios or throw away junk coolers.  

Built to be used and heard. To be taken to the river, out in the boat, to the tailgate, on the beach. 

Because we were tired of wasting money on products that didn’t hold up, weren’t loud enough and batteries didn’t last. So we made a better version in every way - a quality cooler, that still holds all the ice it was meant too, a stereo speaker system that gets loud enough to drown out competition, with the battery life to play for hours and hours

Tunes with Ice Room

Grab your Texas Cooler Stereo and head where ever you want something cold to drink and your tunes to go with it

All Cooler Stereos are covered with a 1 year from purchase date warranty on parts and workmanship, any issues, just let us know

Accidents happen and if your Cooler Stereo is damaged and needs repairs, we are glad to help. Contact us and we can make arrangements to get you all fixed up